Q: Are agrees/disagrees and likes/dislikes made public?
A: NO! We only show the total numbers of agrees/disagrees/likes/dislikes, NOT who the people are who actually voted. We want everyone to help us evaluate all the predictions - particularly so we know which predictions to push to the top as "Most Popular" (and which bad/spam/gibberish predictions to bury down at the bottom).

Q: What's the difference between agrees/disagrees and likes/dislikes?
A: While they may SEEM very similar, they can actually be quite different. Agree/Disagree indicates whether you think a prediction will come true. Like/Dislike indicates whether you enjoyed reading it (so a "like" generally means it was interesting/entertaining/cool/funny/thought-provoking/etc.). [Example in which "like" does not equal "agree" - I might "like" a prediction that "Scientists will soon discover that bacon is a cure for cancer", but I don't actually agree with it.]

Q: Can I make my prediction PRIVATE?
A: YES! When you log your prediction, you will see a "Show Advanced Options" link. When you click that, one of the advanced options you will see is a "Change Privacy Settings?" drop-down menu. Your choices will be:
1) Public (Suggested) -- this means that anyone can see your prediction.
2) Private (Only To You) -- this means that only you, when you are signed in to your account, can see this prediction. And it will not be searchable. 
3) By Invite (Link Required) -- this is basically our "Semi-Private" option (or "Share with a specific person or group of people" option), which means that the prediction will not show up in searches on our site and random people can not find/view it. These predictions can only be seen by people who you share it with - people who have the specific (long) url link (provided to them by you or someone else who you have shared the link with).
NOTE: You can change/update the privacy settings for a given prediction at any time by selecting "More" below any of your predictions (and you will again see that "Change Privacy Settings" drop-down menu. Simply pick the new privacy setting you want and click "Update".

Q: What if I see a prediction that I want to report as abuse / spam / inappropriate?
A: First, give it a "Dislike" to help vote it down. Second, email us at info@PredictionLog.com with either the Prediction Log serial number (Example: PL#3205106493) or the full web address of the prediction (Example: http://www.predictionlog.com/predictions/3205106493).  

MORE COMING SOON! In the meantime, please direct any other questions to info@PredictionLog.com