After a successful (albeit brief) beta test with friends/colleagues, we never really launched publicly ($0.00 spent on marketing) before putting the site in hibernation mode... 

We still believe we have a potentially-great business here, but we do not currently have the right team in place to run it successfully. So...

As part of The WHATEVER Network", "Prediction Log" is one of 18 Startups, mostly still in MVP / Proof of Concept form, that are PITCHING FOR PARTNERS to help launch / re-launch (and run!) these startups.

Please direct business inquiries to Jeff@StartupWhatever.com

Predict it. Log it. Prove it.

PredictionLog.com is the first site that lets you officially log your predictions (on sports, politics, pop-culture, TV shows, anything/everything!) with an official date-stamp, time-stamp, unique PL serial number and "Proof of Prediction" certificate so you have permanent PROOF that YOU CALLED IT!
Certificate Sample - First Correct Prediction

MORE INFO COMING SOON! In the meantime, please enjoy the Beta version of PredictionLog.com and direct any questions/comments to info@PredictionLog.com